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    "Your Family's Safety Is Your Responsibility"

    Bring an "Emergency Preparedness" workshop to your organization.

    These compelling presentations can be customized from a basic lunch & learn program to a more in-depth three-hour workshop to a full-day program or multi-day management training program for trainers. The message is always how to survive and help your family survive disasters and emergencies and how to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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    Disaster, Emergency or Terrorist Attacks Offer No Warning!

    Disaster Preparedness is Not the Government's Responsibility!

    You can help families learn to develop practices, procedures, and communications by writing a family emergency disaster preparedness plan.

    • What if you dial "9-1-1" and can't get through?
    • What would you do if your basic services such as electricity, water, gas, phones, or food supplies were cut off for an unknown period of time?
    • How can you locate family members during the day when faced with an emergency or disaster?
    • How can you minimize or avoid injury, panic and stress when faced with an emergency or regional disaster?
    • Have you ever given any thought to disaster planning?
    • Would your audience like to receive some guidelines, suggested procedures, and checklists to help in a disaster situation?

    Institute speakers are available for talks and workshops nationwide.
    Reduced fee for community groups and not-for-profit organizations.
    Special lunch-and-learn programs for businesses and corporations.

    For further information contact the Institute email: info@getprepared.org or call toll free at 877.670.7444